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A beautiful family

Publié le 2 March 2015

family-sessionI met this beautiful family in early January and let me tell you, it was freaking cold! Not the regular -20 cold… no… somewhere between -30 and -40…. Brrrr. The photo session had to be done at that date, so we had no other choice then do it inside. On the other hand that was such a great idea because the storage place was owned by the grandfather for years. Now that it is about to be sold that was a great reminder for the family. That was such an emotive shooting at the same time! Memories at their business will last. We still went outside for a big…. 2-3 minutes. And, it was enough of Fort Mcmurray cold. 😉

This photos session shows you that you can do session in such original places like this storage building. Hope you enjoy these photos! I introduce Jenny, Ed, Graham, Amelia, Stella & Radio (dog) 🙂

Hopefully the weather is getting better these days 😉  Have a great day!


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